Sweets Decoration

This summer, I found that there is a hobby named “sweets decoration.” I have no idea whether English speakers can understand the word “sweets decoration”. As my understanding, it is a hobby to make fake sweet or fruit parts and make something with them, such an ornament, accessory, charm and so on. There are many related books at the hobby corner in book stores. I am not so interested in such fancy goods. But girls, my nieces may like them. So I checked them, and got two books. The author is a famous blogger. These few days, I eagerly read her web log and books. I began to wonder whether I want to do some “sweets decolations”.


100円グッズでスイーツデコ (別冊すてきな奥さん)
永高 真寿美
主婦と生活社 (2010-11-26)
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100円グッズでスイーツデコ2 (別冊すてきな奥さん)
永高 真寿美
主婦と生活社 (2011-11-17)
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