Rice Cooker

Where is Nyanku?/にゃんくさんはどこでしょう?

I changed the tool to boil rice from an electric rice cooker to a pot. I love rice. If a nutritist says ok, I want to eat rice and some pickles only. Although that, I have cooked rice with an old low-end cooker. I have not even known how to boil rice by gas. As an rice lover, I want to use an earthen pot. They say that an earthen pot can boil delicious rice. And a pot takes less space than an electric cooker. My new pot is from HARIO. It has a whistle to tell us to turn the gass off. And its lid is glass. We can see inside the pot during cooking. It is very user-, especially beginner-, friendly. We can leave the pot over a fire until the whistle call us, or watch inside the pot to satisfy our curiosity. I of course enjoyed the view inside the pot. The first rice had much water. I look forward to the next.