Think Twice

So typical, a cat on your reading newspapers.


Nyanku on my reading/わざわざ新聞の上に乗るにゃんくさん

I still read web logs and the books about “sweets decoration.” There are various clays. Some of them turns into glass-like, whipped-cream-like, or jewelry-like. Some needs to be baked using an oven. I want to use them. Coloring clays seems to be fun, too. I want to make various colors with basic color paints. And also, there are many tips about making clay sweets on the internet. I want to make fruits, candies, cookies, chocolates, and so on. But thinking twice, I found; apparently, I just want to work clays. Because, I do not want to wait long time to dry my works. For me, it is a pain to bond those clay parts. My clay works will be useless objects. This is not the “sweets decoration.” Do you think that this is similar something? Yes, it is just like … I like just knitting and do not like sewing and finishing. Nooo. So, becoming a hobbyist again, I restarted knitting.

引き続き、スイーツデコレーション関係のブログやら本を眺めています。世の中にはいろいろな種類の粘土があるんですね。ガラスみたいに透明になったり、ホイップクリーム状だったり、きらきらアクセサリーのパーツになったり。オーブンで焼くものもあるんですね。いじってみたい! 粘土に色付けするのも楽しそうですね。基本的な色から、いろんな色を作ってみたい。ああ、そしてネット上には粘土スイーツのページが山ほどあって、作り方もたくさん公開されているんですね。果物とか、飴ちゃんとか、クッキーとか、チョコレートとか。作ってみたい!! しかーし、大人な私は(時間と場所に限りがある私というべきか)よおく考えます。そして、私がやってみたいことはどうやら粘土をいじるところまでだということに、気付くのです。粘土でつくった部品が乾くまで待つのはイヤだし、出来上がった部品をボンドでくっつけて組み立てるのは面倒くさそう。部品を作っただけで満足して放置しそう。。。うーん、これじゃ「スイーツデコレーション」じゃない。これって何かに似てる。。。そうです。編み物と同じです。編むところは好きなんだけど、綴じ剝ぎや仕上げ苦手。だめじゃん。 そんなわけで、(どんなわけだ? ホビー熱復活?)、少しずつ編み物生活再開しました。リラックスの前身ごろがもうすぐできそうです(^^



Nyanku looks in good shape. Last night, she suddenly remembered; hunting is fun! Her prey is a mouse-like toy. The above photo is new one.

new one/カシャカシャぶんぶんネズミさん新品

However, her current favorite one is following.

current one/頭しか残っていないねずみさん

It’s brutal. She must be an excellent hunter.

Second Tragedy

During our absence, Nyanku’s symptom got worse. According to our vet, Nyanku developed an allergy to something, but the root cause is unknown. The black fragments were scrabs that were caused by scratching her itchy ears. Fortunately the medicine worked and now she looks comfortable. However, her symptom may reappear without medicine. I must keep a watch on her.



Actually, after our absence, there were another tragedy for Nyanku. My nieces, 6 and 11 year-old girls, stayed 3 nights in our apartment. Kids are of course noisy. And they, who were excited at 3 nights without their parents, never go to sleep early. I tryed to make them go to bed at 9 or 10 oclock. But I failed. I finally begged them to sleep for Nyanku. Nyanku popped out from the closet, her hide, immediately after they went quiet. Then I served to at full power. My efforts may work or not, Nyanku didn’t develop any symptom. That’s a relief. I was really really tired. It’s enjoyable and tired summer days really.

実は、私たちの旅行の後、もう1つの災難がにゃんくを襲ったのでした。6歳と11歳の姪っ子が夏休みでうちに泊まりに来たのです。それも3泊! (ふだん子供のいない暮らしをしている私にも相当の打撃ですね)。当然のことながら、お子さまとはうるさいものです。そして、両親のいないお泊まり会を満喫しているお子さまたちが早寝をするわけがありません。夜の9時か10時には寝かしつけようとした私の試みは失敗に終わりました。最後には「にゃんくがかわいそうだから」と懇願したぐらいです。にゃんくは、完全に気配を絶っていましたが、姪っ子たちが眠って静かになった瞬間に押入れから出てきてくれました。私がその後、全力でにゃんくをもてなしたことは言うまでもありません。私の努力のおかげかどうかは分かりませんが、にゃんくの具合が悪くなることはありませんでした。ああよかった。ホント、楽しくも疲れ果てた夏休みでした。

Nyanku’s Summer Tragedy



grass rolls/牧草ロール

We planned our four days and three nights return-home trip in May. The only but very important consideration was Nyanku. Making a trip with her was not a possibility. A cat, especially our Nyanku, doesn’t like a trip. So, we discussed a cat sitter service. Searching Web “cat sitter”, I found several services around our apartment building. I send a e-mail to one of them and asked an estimate. The return-mail came in a few days. The fee was reasonable and the woman, who would provide the service, looked like a kind people, I thought. But my husband was worried that an unknown person would come in during our absence. So, I visit our veterinary hospital and had a talk. I was told that the vet can keep our cat during our absence, but for a cat a sitter service is better. I thought so, too. Then I visit a pet food store where I always buy foods and snacks for Nyanku. The shop owner is kind. I’ve dropped by and had a chat with her since last September when I moved in. When I asked her if she knew a nice cat sitter service, she said “I can go, I am licensed as an animal sitter.” I was very very delighted.


mini tomatoes/プチトマトAfter one or two weeks we have a chat about a sitter service, I invited the owner Y-san into our apartment. Nyanku hid in the closet as usual though, we talked over a cup of tea. Y-san knew well neighborhood cats situations. She also knew about the situation around my ex-apartment. According to her, there is a mother cat named Josephine near my ex-apartment. People who take care of street cats call Josephine and her children as Josephine family. And to my surprise, Y-san has one of Josephine’s sons named Rintaro. We checked his photo. Rintaro and Nyanku are alike, we thought. I was somehow relieved to know that Nyanku may be not all alone. After Y-san went home, I talked to Nyanku, who appeared from the closet, “Are you from Josephine family? Your mother is Josephine, isn’t she?” Nyanku looked up me as if she wanted to say something, and mewed. Her answer might be “yes”, “no”, or “I don’t know.” I was very sorry that I could not understand her mew.


Umpteenth Coming Back

10 days before/10日前のアジサイ

10 days before/10日前のアジサイ

It’s been a loooong time. I am very glad to see you again. How are you? I had just slumped in knitting, and now, come back.

ええと、とりあえず、ここをこっそり更新することからはじめよう。。。お、お久しぶりです。お元気でしたか? ちょっと編み物スランプに陥っていました。部活(編み物)をさぼったら、教室(RとかGとか)に顔を出しづらくなっていたのですが、全然理由なんてありません。元気でした。後で保健室(のらねこさんち)に行ってみようと思います。

While the slump, I read two best-sellers. The one was the “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage.” Another was “A Street Cat Named Bob” James Bowen. One day, James met a steet cat. The story is about James’s journey to a “normal life” with the cat Bob. James was a busker and became a BigIssue seller in the story. How are they right now?

James did many things for living with and protecting Bob. For example… James exchanged a snack for a mouse which Bob caught, for preventing Bob from an infection. James threw down the mouse with his hand! I could not touch a mouse with my hand. And then, James fought a giant Rottweiler for protecting Bob. A Rottweiler! If I were him, I would run away holding Bob. I could not fight a large dog. Different people express their love for someone in differnet ways.


A Street Cat Named Bob: How One Man and His Cat Found Hope on the Streets
James Bowen
Hodder Paperback
売り上げランキング: 2,177


I love Nyanku as James loves Bob. These days she lookes happy, sniffing the outside air from windows. She looks like feeling rains or early summer. She shows her curiousities about unknown things, like a cat. In this morning. when I cleaned her toilet, she came sniffed her own waste, and backed away. Your nose is more excellent than mine. Take care, Nyanku. Anyway we are fine.

とはいえ、私とてにゃんくを愛しています。最近のにゃんくさんは、窓から入ってくる風を上機嫌な感じで嗅いだりして幸せそうに見えます。ネコらしく、見慣れないものに興味を示すようにもなりました。今朝などは、にゃんくのトイレを掃除していたら、近付いてきて、私が取り出した自分のうん○をくんくんして、あまりの強烈さに後ずさってました。後ずさる様子がなんとも可愛かったです。しかしにゃんくさん、あれは「見慣れないもの」じゃないよね? しかも私の何倍もすごいあなたの嗅覚で、そんなものをくんくんしたら、そりゃ強烈ですよ。気をつけるようにね。

Gain Weight


Failed the scheduling, as ususal, I spent these 10 days working and working. I hardly went out and missed this early spring. Flowers have already bloomed everywhere! To sun for these 10 days, yesterday, I spent a day in the sun at Yokohama Studium. Yes, baseball season has come. I watched a pre-season game with my husband. It was a hot day. I enjoyed the “mikan goori” very much.

いつものごとくスケジュール調整がうまくできなくて、この10日間仕事ばっかりしていました。ほとんど外出もできず、「春の訪れ」を楽しむことはできませんでした。もうそこらじゅうで花が咲いてしまっているじゃないですか! 残念。10日分のお日様を浴びるべく、昨日は一日横浜スタジアムで過ごしてきました。野球シーズン到来ですね。オープン戦に行ってきました。昨日は真夏日だったし、「みかん氷」を堪能できました。

モクレンBefore the non-stop-working act, I went an animal hospital with Nyanku, because she looked like having a pain in her eyes. We have met the veterinarian several times. When Nyanku was an outside cat, I forced her to be vaccinated once a year. At that time, she used to snarl like a beast, when I blocked her in a cage. 10 days ago, she was just amazed at the situation, when I held her and put her in the same cage. I was impressed. At the hospital, the vet. records Nyanku’s weight. Her records are:
about 3.5 kg before the moving,
3.3 kg last November, immediately after the moving,
3.9 kg 10 days ago.
She gained 600g weight for 4 months. If Nyanku were a 50kg weight person, she would be a 59kg weight. I felt responsible for her weight gain. But the vet. laughed, stroked her white tummy actively, and said “Congratuations! Do you enjoy your indoor-cat-life?” The vet. became just a cat-lover at that moment. I was impressed again. After all Nyanku’s eyes had no desease. Don’t worry about.

でした。4ヵ月で600gの増量です。にゃんくが体重50kgの人間だとすると、59kgになった計算になります。4か月で9kgも体重が増えるなんて、太り過ぎでしょう! 私はちょっと罪悪感を覚えたのですが、獣医さんはげらげら笑って、にゃんくの白いおなかをおもいっきりモフって、「よかったねぇ。おうちの中はいいでしょう?」と言いました。それ、ただのネコ好きのしぐさです、先生・・・。先生にそう言ってもらえると感慨もひとしおですね。ええと、診断の結果、にゃんくの目はなんともありませんでした。めでたし。