grass rolls/牧草ロール

We planned our four days and three nights return-home trip in May. The only but very important consideration was Nyanku. Making a trip with her was not a possibility. A cat, especially our Nyanku, doesn’t like a trip. So, we discussed a cat sitter service. Searching Web “cat sitter”, I found several services around our apartment building. I send a e-mail to one of them and asked an estimate. The return-mail came in a few days. The fee was reasonable and the woman, who would provide the service, looked like a kind people, I thought. But my husband was worried that an unknown person would come in during our absence. So, I visit our veterinary hospital and had a talk. I was told that the vet can keep our cat during our absence, but for a cat a sitter service is better. I thought so, too. Then I visit a pet food store where I always buy foods and snacks for Nyanku. The shop owner is kind. I’ve dropped by and had a chat with her since last September when I moved in. When I asked her if she knew a nice cat sitter service, she said “I can go, I am licensed as an animal sitter.” I was very very delighted.


mini tomatoes/プチトマトAfter one or two weeks we have a chat about a sitter service, I invited the owner Y-san into our apartment. Nyanku hid in the closet as usual though, we talked over a cup of tea. Y-san knew well neighborhood cats situations. She also knew about the situation around my ex-apartment. According to her, there is a mother cat named Josephine near my ex-apartment. People who take care of street cats call Josephine and her children as Josephine family. And to my surprise, Y-san has one of Josephine’s sons named Rintaro. We checked his photo. Rintaro and Nyanku are alike, we thought. I was somehow relieved to know that Nyanku may be not all alone. After Y-san went home, I talked to Nyanku, who appeared from the closet, “Are you from Josephine family? Your mother is Josephine, isn’t she?” Nyanku looked up me as if she wanted to say something, and mewed. Her answer might be “yes”, “no”, or “I don’t know.” I was very sorry that I could not understand her mew.




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