Umpteenth Coming Back

10 days before/10日前のアジサイ

10 days before/10日前のアジサイ

It’s been a loooong time. I am very glad to see you again. How are you? I had just slumped in knitting, and now, come back.

ええと、とりあえず、ここをこっそり更新することからはじめよう。。。お、お久しぶりです。お元気でしたか? ちょっと編み物スランプに陥っていました。部活(編み物)をさぼったら、教室(RとかGとか)に顔を出しづらくなっていたのですが、全然理由なんてありません。元気でした。後で保健室(のらねこさんち)に行ってみようと思います。

While the slump, I read two best-sellers. The one was the “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage.” Another was “A Street Cat Named Bob” James Bowen. One day, James met a steet cat. The story is about James’s journey to a “normal life” with the cat Bob. James was a busker and became a BigIssue seller in the story. How are they right now?

James did many things for living with and protecting Bob. For example… James exchanged a snack for a mouse which Bob caught, for preventing Bob from an infection. James threw down the mouse with his hand! I could not touch a mouse with my hand. And then, James fought a giant Rottweiler for protecting Bob. A Rottweiler! If I were him, I would run away holding Bob. I could not fight a large dog. Different people express their love for someone in differnet ways.


A Street Cat Named Bob: How One Man and His Cat Found Hope on the Streets
James Bowen
Hodder Paperback
売り上げランキング: 2,177


I love Nyanku as James loves Bob. These days she lookes happy, sniffing the outside air from windows. She looks like feeling rains or early summer. She shows her curiousities about unknown things, like a cat. In this morning. when I cleaned her toilet, she came sniffed her own waste, and backed away. Your nose is more excellent than mine. Take care, Nyanku. Anyway we are fine.

とはいえ、私とてにゃんくを愛しています。最近のにゃんくさんは、窓から入ってくる風を上機嫌な感じで嗅いだりして幸せそうに見えます。ネコらしく、見慣れないものに興味を示すようにもなりました。今朝などは、にゃんくのトイレを掃除していたら、近付いてきて、私が取り出した自分のうん○をくんくんして、あまりの強烈さに後ずさってました。後ずさる様子がなんとも可愛かったです。しかしにゃんくさん、あれは「見慣れないもの」じゃないよね? しかも私の何倍もすごいあなたの嗅覚で、そんなものをくんくんしたら、そりゃ強烈ですよ。気をつけるようにね。