IMG_7565 IMG_7566I went the National Museum of Western Art which features Raffaello. Today’s topic is the route to Ueno. I went Ueno via Nezu and Yanaka. The reason why I started from Nezu was taiyakis. Do you know Nezu’s taiyaki? They are famous, crisp and not too sweet. Very very delicious. They are worth waiting in line! If you have an opportunity to go Nezu, you should get one. Yanaka has a number of temples. I found guest houses for tourists from foreign countries for the first time. Yanaka appears attractive in old Tokyo. Surely, if I were a tourist from another country, I would stay such a place. Through Yanaka, I reached Ueno and found that Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music is in entrance exam and students with their musical instruments. Some carried lucky charms. I hope that young students’ brilliant future.





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