Chocolate Exhibition

winter sweet buds

winter sweet buds

Yesterday, I went to National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo in Ueno. They featured chocolates. Through the exhibition, we could learn about cacao trees, chocolate history, and how to make chocolates. There was also a large chocolate package on the wall which have a circle screen. An invisible camera displayed us on the screen and we could take a photo of ourselves on the chocolate package. I was shocked at my wrinkles on the face seeing the screen. Because almost of the galleries were girls! But don’t care of that, let’s enjoy. At the end of the exhibition, all of us wanted to eat chocolates. Then, we bought chocolates at the special chocolate shop. The event was more interesting than expected. But I must say… I regret I bought too much chocolates. I should have some yarns instead. Actually I want some mohair yarns now.  If you are there, be careful!




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