At The Year End



Last 3 days in this year. Have you finished the year-end cleaningup yet? I almost omitted it. Because I reformed myself after the moving this September and have kept clean our house. And because Nyanku scares when I use a cleaner or do unusual activities. When I wiped windows clean 2 days ago, she kept in the closet all the day. Now, she is peacefully sleeping. My sister’s family including two nieces will come to visit tomorrow, and she will horribly scare. I want to keep her peaceful even now.

Although that, she has adapted herself to the domestic cat life. At first, her safe place was only the closet, then added the rug under the low table. On the rug, she has a nap, plays, and scratches. Recently she learned to play in the Japanese room, which is between her closet and the rug. She runs and ambushs there. Her expressions are softer, I think. Next year, I want her to be more comfortable. And also, I want you to have a happy new year.



今年も残すところあと 3 日ですね。大掃除は終わりましたか? 私はですね、ほとんど省略です。9 月に引っ越してからココロを入れ替えてまめに掃除をしているのでいいかなーと(前の家の掃除があまりにも行き届いていなくて、引っ越すときに激しく反省したんですね)。あと、掃除機をかけたり、いつもと違うことするとにゃんくが怯えるから。相変わらずビビリちゃんで、2 日前に窓を拭いたらば、1 日中押入れに引き籠って出てきませんでした。いまは幸せそうにお昼寝中です。明日は、二人の姪っ子を含む妹の家族がうちに来る予定で、にゃんくはひどくひどく怯えること必至なのです。せめて今ぐらいは、やすらかに眠らせてあげたいと思います(と、掃除をしない理由はばっちりです)。





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