I Have a Cold

Santa playing the piano

Santa playing the piano

Long time! I have had a cold for a while. Having a cold, you should take nourishment, keep warm, and have a good sleep. Don’t turn on your PC. I know that and behave exactly, except for meeting friends and coming home late. The exception prevents me from getting well. It’s a difficult not to do any end-of-year activities. How are you? Take care of yourself.


At the end of the year, I have to design my new year greeting card. I tryed to scan some illustrations using my printer.




A cat suddenly looks serious while playing. At that moment, does she become aware that her prey is just a toy? When seeing the change in her facial expression, I, who am swinging her toy, of course feel disappointed as well as slightly feel excited. What a kind of feelings is that? A stupid girl who loves a bad boy?





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