10 days ago/10日前The above photo was taken 10 days ago when kobushi magnolia didn’t bloom. 10 days past and now Japanese cherry are blooming. This late spring finally comes. The S’s vest project also reached the final phase. It is now being brocked. I will show you it next time.

The last Sunday I developed a fever of 38 degrees over. I didn’t have any reason. No cough, no snot. Just a fever. In an ordinally way, I take a cold medication. This time, I didn’t take any medicine. Because I’ve heard a doctor’s words at my neighbor clinic. The doctor said to a mother not to give her child unnecessary medicine. When a child got a high fever, his/her mother needs not to give him/her medicine, if he/she doesn’t look lifeless. Unnecessary medicine makes people take too long to heal. In my own case, I followed the doctor’s word. My fever went down on Monday morning. I felt that I conquered something. Here, I will stand up against this new fiscal year, with upgraded myself.

today, windy/今日、風強し上の写真は10日前に撮ったものです。あのころはコブシの花はまだつぼみでした。あれから10日が過ぎ、とうとう桜が咲き始めました。今年の春は遅かったけれど、ちゃんとやってきましたね。S ちゃんのベストもようやく最終段階にきました。ただいまブロッキング中。次回お披露目できると思います。



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