I’m not a Movie Star

tulip tree/ユリノキsomething like white flowers/白い花みたいななにかTwo days ago, after the factory tour we, my friend and I went to Yuzawaya Kanagawa. There is a pedestrian conveyer belt aproaching the building which Yuzawaya tenanted. We were on the belt chatting. A little girl ran along the belt and tried to get on the belt from the end point. You know; getting on the end point of a moving escalator is dangerous. The little girl fell down. I stood at the forefront, saw all the details and tried to take her up VERY CALMLY. I thought I could do VERY EASILY. But I fell on my hips. Immediately after I felt dangerous, my friend helped me pulling up my coat’s hood. Meanwhile the girl stood up by herself and left the point. Nobody was injured. All things occured for a moment. In a movie a hero can help a girl very easily. I remembered that I am not a movie star.





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