sunlight/踊る光I went to “HAYABUSA” today. You know; a spacecraft Hayabusa returned to the earth two years ago. The movie is about the spacecraft and people around it. I’m not a space enthusiast. At that time, I thought about Hayabusa as a person, his loneliness for years and his endeavours to return home. And I cried my eyes out when seeing him burning out into the inner space. And also today, I cried watching the movie.
Japanese space scientists in the movie are literally poorer, for example, than people of NASA, who are on TV. They are far cleverer than ordinary people. Even so, each of them is a member of an organization and working hard in the limited budget every day. Someone’s contract expires before the end of a project. In that way, the movie is not only for space enthusiasts or children but for people who work every day.
I strongly recommend “HAYABUSA”. You would be moved. I swear.





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