I took a day off yesterday, and went to Yokohama Sogo museum (a museum in a departmentstore). The exhiition focuses on Anno Mitsumasa’s picture books. When wandering around a bookstore to look for books for my little nieces, I am often interested in Anno’s books. I love that tiny detailed people, animals, everyday goods and so on in Anno’s pictures. Actually I myself have wanted his picture books about mathematics. I am an adult and I could understand mathematics from that beautiful picture books. (I apparently forget the physics book.)

昨日はお休みだったので(失業?!)、横浜そごう美術館に行ってきました。『安野光雅の絵本展』。安野光雅さんの本は、姪っ子たちによさげな絵本があったらいいなと本屋さんをうろうろするとき、よく目に留まります。ゲイジュツテキなことはよくわかりませんが、安野光雅さんの絵の中のちっさい人間とか、動物とか、お道具類とか、大好き。『はじめてであう すうがくの絵本』とか自分用に欲しいぐらい。もう大人になってるわけだし、きれいな絵本で学べば数学わかるかもしれません(例の物理の本のことは忘れたらしい)。


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安野 光雅
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When I play with my nieces, we often draw ants’ house. We draw a floor plan and details for ants. They happily picture each room. A play room, bath room with a pool, full-of-sweets room etc. I interestedly watch, 4-year-old girl picture a bed in 2D, 9-year-old girl can picture it in 3D. Yesterday, I learned that we can also play drawing market. I will suggest drawing a market, next time.



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