Tokyo tower/東京タワーが見えましたI went to see “From Up On Poppy Hill” yesterday. Actually I didn’t expect anything at all about the movie. But it was much better than the “Tales from Earthsea”. And unexpectedly I was impressed by innocence of the characters. Girls are absolutely pretty and lily, boys are bright and brave, and adults are good and right. Of course the movie has many points to be questioned; however this is an animation, I can ignore them. It’s for people who are far from innocence. And I like 2D movies.


beret components/ベレー帽の部品作成中tape for a headwear/帽子サイズテープなるものI am now waiting for sunny sky to take photos of the Seascape stole, while crochetting a beret. This is my first headwear project. I bought a tape for a headwear. I am thinking about how to attach it to the beret. I want to know the easiest way.




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