Preparatory Audit?

springlike cloud/春っぽい雲Several days ago, I read an quenstionnaire result about sakura (cherry blossom) on a newspaper. One of questions was “where is your favorite but secret sakura spot?” There were some spots on the paper. But they are still famous. I remembered my favorite sakura spot, and then went to there this morning.

何日か前、新聞に桜に関するアンケート結果が載っていました。質問の 1 つは「あなたのとっておきの桜の名所はどこですか?」というもので、紙面には何箇所か桜の秘密のスポットが載っていましたが、どこも有名な場所でした。私は自分のお気に入りの桜スポットを思い出し、今朝行ってきました。

favorite sakura spot/お気に入りの桜の名所My favorite sakura spot is in a factory area near a busy road. Without cherry blossom, it is just a lonesome artificial tiny stream. So called bad boys were gathering. They may be bad boys, but they mey be junior high boys. I was not scared of them, of course.


buds of cherry blossom/桜のつぼみOnce blooming, the spot becomes a dreamy beautiful spot. Dreamy beautiful! Since when do I love cherry blossom so? That means I got older, doesn’t it? Anyway, there are many buds. I am looking forward their bloom.




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