Imaginations Die Hard

I devided sleeves./袖分割しました。I finally divided sleeves. Gatherings on the collar and sleeves appears. They look cute. I am looking forward to this cardigan. Now I am using the forth ball. The progress rate of this project is about 50%. Reaching this point, I cannot stop imagining future projects as well as other many knitters may not. For instance, I have enough this Rowan yarn so that I can knit another cardigan using same pattern. How if I used white yarn for only the first row and last rows, sleeves and bottom? Will the cardigan look pretty but fit for adults? Or using more delicate yarn will it be fluffy and fit for summer wears? Can I lengthen sleeves? and so on. Knitters imaginations die hard.


By the way, my digital camera has face-recognition future. Taking above photo, it recognized the left half of the screen as a face. Which part???




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