buttons and hooks/ボタンとかぎ針There are only weaving yarns and sewing buttons steps for the crochet bolero project. I am now thinking about the button color; pink or white.


By the way, you will see two crochet-hooks in the photo. Yes, the missing hook appeared without notice. It came from my pouch in which I looked for it many times. Although I am not satisfied with this result, I am happy. Because the old one, made by Clover, is my favorite.

ところで、写真には 2 本のかぎ針が写っています。そうなんです、何の前触れもなくあの失くしたかぎ針がでてきたのです。しかも、何度も探した小物入れからでてきました。この結果には納得できないのですが、古いほうのかぎ針(クロバー製のほう)は愛用していたので、うれしいです。

Anyway, there must be elves in my house. They don’t make shoes. They hide a crochet-hook, and secretly return it to my pouch. I hope for them to do something more productive.





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