Abura-age Incident

Camellia/椿My missing crochet-hook  is stiil missing. I bought a new one. It has two hooks on each tip. I love this “economical” style.


By the way, when I missed the hook, I encountered an incident. One day, I opened a cupboard in which I usually keep Tupperwares, and then discovered an unbelievable thing. It was certainly a Tupperware. But it contained some minced abura-age (deep-fried tofu). The cupboard is not a refrigerator. I was very shocked and thought that the missing hook would not be discovered for a time.


When I told my mother in law about this abura-age incident, she told me another story. When she was young, she discovered her missing sunglasses in her freezer. There are many incidents in our everyday lives!





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