Felt Ball Catastrophe

narcissus/水仙I brought some wool to the hot spring where I spent new year holidays with my sister’s family. I was given the wool from my friend. My friend gave me a suggestion to make felt balls with my nieces. I agreed her. I thought I knew how to make felt balls with wool. It is only necessary to prepare hot water and soap. OK, I can do it.


felted something/フエルト化されたなにかI tried to make felt balls with my elder niece. We did it while other family members were napping. We silently locked owerselves in the rest room, and played with hot water, soap, and wool. Our first trial was failed. We got only felted something.


something like felt balls/フエルトボールっぽいものThen we changed our working order. In the first trial, we used hot water, soap, and wool together from the beginning. In the second trial, we soak wool into hot water first, and shaped balls, and then used soap. We got balls. We were satisfied, and I mailed two photos of our results to my friend with new year greeting. I wrote “Our first trial was failed, but second one was almost successful.”

それで、作業の順番を変えてみました。最初の試みでは、はじめからお湯と石鹸と羊毛を合わせてモミモミしたのですが、2 回目は、羊毛をお湯に浸してボールの形を作ってから石鹸を使いました。2 回目はボールっぽいものができました。私たちはとても満足して、私は友達にできたものの写真を、新年のあいさつとともにメールしました。「最初は失敗したけど、2 回目はほぼ成功。」と。

I got a mail immediately after sending the mail. The mail was from the friend. She wrote “I think that both of your trials were failed”. She also attached a photo of her felt balls to the mail. She sent the mail without new year greeting. (She was too surprised by our balls to reply to my greeting.) Her balls were beautiful. Our balls were something like balls. Her balls were balls.


Why? I know that I can get the answer from the Internet. But I will keep this “mystery” unsolved as a memory with my niece.

なぜ? 答えは、インターネットで検索すれば分かるに決まっているのですが、この「なぞ」は、姪っ子との思い出として残しておくことにします。




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