Boleros Completed

Snow capped mountains/雪山々I had shorter new year holidays; The last day of the last year and the first two days of this year. I spent this three days, playing with my nieces, chatting with my sister, and soaking in a hot spring. I will work starting tomorrow.


Small size bolero/小さいほうのボレロThe Little Girls Crochet Boleros project was done. I attached buttons with them in tears, late at December 30th night. The boleros fitted my nieces. That is enough for me. I just felt sorry that the big one is too low-necked. My niece is large for 8-year girls. I had to adjust the pattern to 145cm tall size. I thought that there are small adults 145cm tall. So, referred to an adult bolero pattern, I determined the neck depth. But a large kid is not a small adult. It is really difficult to adjust a pattern size.


Crochet Boleros/かぎ針編みのボレロKnitting Note/編み物メモ

Yarn: Yuzawaya Loft, olor no. 729 (moss green)/ 使用糸:ユザワヤ Loft、色729(モスグリーン)
Totals : about 220g for 100cm tall size, about 375g for 145cm tall size/ 使用量 約220g(100cmサイズ用)、約375g(145cmサイズ用)

Hook: 2.5mm for 100cm tall size, 3.5mm for 145cm tall size./ 使用針:4号かぎ針(100cmサイズ用)、6号かぎ針(145cmサイズ用)

Others: 1.5cm buttons 10; 5 buttons for each, grosgrain ribbons; 1m for each./ その他材料:1.5cmのボタン10個(各5)、グログランリボン(各1m)



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