Rushed Project

Persimmon tree/カキの木There are a few days to a new year. I omitted cleaning-up and writing new-year cards, but set up a kagami-mochi and a new-year ornament on my front door. New year will come to the house that still has the last year dust.


Housewives are busy at the end of the year. In such situation, I got a job. It is the freelancer destiny.


new-year ornament on the front door/玄関飾りUncompleted cardigans and a kagami-mochi/できかけのカーディガンと鏡餅So, I am working hard. And my little girls cardigan project is still open as last year. I finally sewed up them last night. Today I soaked them in water with softener. They are now under an air conditioner and waiting for buttons and ribbon.




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