Successful Diet

Color changed street trees/街路樹も紅葉中Today is a fine, beautiful and golden autumn day. Street trees are changed their leaves color.


By the way, I am prepareing for my next knitting project. I intend to make a wear for my husband. I have not knitted something for him over 10 years, because he have denied my offer; Can I knit something for you? (Me) N0000! (He)


There are to reasons why I have not knitted for him. First one is that he doesn’t like bulky yarn and hand made fabric. And other is that he was fat. I can not change patterns to fit that roundy body.


And now, why am I plannning a knitting project for him? Because he successfully lost his weight. He reduced his weight from 80kg over to 63kg. His waist measurement changed from 90cm over to 73cm. He is no longer a fat man.  I can use normal patterns for him.


Dieting needs family support. If someone decides to lose weight, his/her family should not bring him/her sweets or pizzas. We adapted non-carbohydrate diet from “dancyu”. The magazine says that you can eat and drink anything except for carbohydrate and sugar. Be a man who lived a million years ago!


Our cooking for non-carbohydrate diet is easy and simple. Just baking fish or meat and cutting vegeble. For a lunch, plus baking a freeze-dried bean curd pancake. I am skinny and love carbohydrate, so, only I eat rice or bread.


As well as changing everyday diet, we walk and walk. We wake up 5:30AM and walk, we get off the train at the next station and walk. We familiarized ourselves with our neighboring area. These activities made us healthy.


There is one bad thing;my husband has no clothes to wear. All clothes in his wardrobe are too large for him. It is an economic probrem. Image that you lost all clothes!


So, he has bought his clothes all this year. He decided to change his size and his taste in clothes. Then he allows me to knit his clothe.


Actually I wanted to write about kntting for men. But our diet story is long. I will write about knitting later.




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