First Beads Knitting

Basic wrist warmer in progress/基本のリストウォーマー、編みかけI am trying to make a pair of beads knitted wrist warmer. This is my first beads knitting project. The pattern is from “Beads Knitting” by Kotomi Hayashi, page 10 “basic wrist warmer”.


Beads knitting is a bit difficult for me. I am not good at prepareing neatly before starting to knit. I tend to knit loosely, so, beads are mobile.  I saw the book years ago, I have longed to make wrist warmers since then. The warmers in the book are all cute and gorgeous.


I have already made a mistake to insert beads into wrong places. I hope that if people see my warmer from a distance, the mistake is not visible.




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