High-necked Vest

High-necked vest/ハイネックのベストI made a vest for a kid with the leftover yarn of my pullover. I asked one of my friends to be presented the vest for her daughter. I am looking forward to receiving photos from her.


I consulted “Winter knit book for kids” ONDORI #29 high-necked cable vest. I omitted the cable. I bought this book several years ago. I have consulted it since then. All works in the book are simple, cute, and easy-to-knit.


Orange buttons/オレンジ色のボタンBrown buttons/茶色のボタンI had a hard time to decide button color. Firstly I choose orange bright button. I thought children like the color contrast. But the brightness didn’t fit for the texture.  Then I replaced them with brown mat buttons. They may be too chic for children.


Knitting Note/編み物メモ

Yarn: AVRIL rainbow loop yarn brown mix, purple mix with two strands/ 使用糸:AVRIL レインボーループ ブラウンMIXとパープルMIXの2本取り

Needle: Japaneze size 10 and 8. A circular needle for body part./ 使用針:10号棒針と8号棒針、胴体部分は輪針。

Total weight: 130g/総重量:130g



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