Sustainability and Diversity

Today's blue sky/本日の青空It is difficult for me to memorize English words. I can finally memorize an English word after seeing the word in several situations; reading a text book, reading a foreign book, listning on tv, hearing from a person, encountering in the town, and so on.


I can not memorize especially conceptual words.  On that regard, recent environmental issues are great teachers. I was taught “sustainability” from LOHAS, “diversity” from bio-diversity.

概念的な単語は特に覚えにくい。その点、最近の環境問題はすごいです。LOHAS の S の “sustainability” とか、生物多様性の “diversity” とか教えてもらいました。

If there were not these environmental issues, I would not see such conceptual words near at hand. If not so, I might not really memorize these words.


So, I intended memorize new English words, and search “COP10” on the Internet. C of COP comes from “carbon dioxide”, O and P come from unknown words for me, I thought. I was wrong. COP means “Conference Of the Parties”. Oh!

で、新しい英単語を覚えようと目論んで、「COP10」を検索してみました。COP の C は二酸化炭素 “carbon dioxide” の C で、O とP はなんか私の知らない単語だと思ったんですもの。でも違ってました。COP は “Conference Of the Parties” でした。ざんね~ん。



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