Higher Than Others

Unknown yellow flower/なぞの黄色い花

Unknown yellow flower/なぞの黄色い花

I walked before rain this morning. I found an yellow flower along my neighboring river. Many weed-like plants are growing there. The yellow flower is higher than others and stands cloudy skyward.


It is windy today. So the flowers are streaming in the wind. They remind me the words “to stand aloof”.

今日は風が強いので、花が風になびいていました。その姿は私に「孤高を保つ」という言葉を思い出させました(ちょっとうそ、”stand aloof” 和英辞書で調べました)。

Jerusalem artichoke?/キクイモ?

Jerusalem artichoke?/キクイモ?

But then it is difficult to search a flower name by its appearance on the Internet. The flowers name may be Jerusalem artichoke. They say that their root can be eaten.





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