Knitting Again

I am updating this web log after 5 months interval.
Last time I wrote " will work breezily".
Imeddiately after that, I got several jobs, and I have worked hard.
Getting jobs is trully good thing for me, but it means less time for knitting, writing a journal and other things.
And more, this summer was very very hot.
I could not knit, take photos, and look up the sky, and could not update the web log.
But now autumn is just around the corner, though it is very hot today.
I actively address knitting again.
I finally completed the  "Helleborus".
The pattern is simple, easy, and enjoyable.
ついに完成させました。 "Helleborus"
Yarn: Fancy-flat (Tokyo Art Center) with 2 strands, total 137g/ 東京アートセンターのファンシーフラット2本どり、合計137g
Needle: Japanese size 7/7号棒針
Size: 159 x 74 cm/159x74cm
Finishng: Lightly steam ironed instead of blocking/ブロッキングせず軽くスチームアイロンをかけて仕上げました


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