Cast On Helleborus

Several weeks ago, I read the Raverly Issue #68 by chance.
I was shocked when I knew that two young Raverlers had passed away.
One of them died of breast cancer in her thirties.
I wanted to do something for her as a breast cancer surviver for four years.
Usually I’ve completely forgottn that I am the surviver myself.
Reading the Issue, I remembered it, and thought about the difference between her and me.
The difference is nothing. I was just lucky.
Firstly I wanted to comment the issue.
But I was alomost speechless thinking how painful she was, when she had to leave her dear persons.
Then I thought what I can do is to knit one of her queues.
This is one of embrook’s queues.
Of course I start this project not only for her but also for myself.
I’ve seeked a simple pattern for this beautiful guradually color-changed yarn.
The pattern name is "Helleborus".
The yarn is "Fancy flat" from Tokyo Art Center.
Used Japanese Needle size 7 , with 2 strands.
I’m enjoying this very simple pattern.


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