Lily Of The Valley Shawl Progress

I’m knitting a shawl named "Lily Of The Valley Shawl" designed by Nancy Bush from "Lace STYLE".
It is a gift for my former teacher. She gave me an opportunity to work with her (I’m working with her now). The contract will expire at March. I want to express my appreciation for her.
Usually I don’t present my knitted works to someone except my very closest people. I understand that hand-made goods are not gorgeous for everyone. But, in this winter my teacher continually said "gorgeous" for my hand-made clothes. I took satisfaction for that, and confirmed that she use a shawl.
Then I happily started to knit this one.
『Lace STYLE』から Nancy Bush の "Lily Of The Valley Shawl" を編んでいます。
In this project I’m trying three new things.
Firstlly with 2 strands, secondally knitting nupp sts, thirdlly a pattern separated center parts and edging part.
First one is easier than I expected, second one is difficult for me.
And now I’m struggling with last one knitting edging part.
このショールでは、3 つの新しいことに挑戦しています。
2.nupp sts(日本語ではなんというのかな?)を編むこと。
二本どりは思ったより簡単でしたが、nupp sts はやっぱり難しかった。
Knitting an edging, I can’t check entire figure.
I’m anxious about it and lost my interest.
I hope that I will complete this work soon.


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