Girl’s Tunic Another Colour Version

I knitted a tunic for a little girl again.
Design: original
            refered to february lady sweater’s yoke pattern
Yarn: ROWAN summer tweed
         green(SH527) 115g, yellow(SH538) 50g
Gauge: 2cm x 2cm = 3 sts x 3 rows
For: my friend’s daughter
Needle: Japanese size 6
Completed size: chest 35cm, bottom 47cm, height 52cm
The pattern is same as the last girl’s tunic large version.
I added 2 rows to adjust border colors.
In picture, colours look dark.
But, in reality, more vivid, I think.
The yarn is made of 70% silk and 30% cotton, and called "summer tweed".
So, I chose it for summer clothes.
And I enjoyed its silky touch.
But my sister said it may be too thick for summer clothes.
I am verry sorry.
I hope they, my nieces and friend’s daughter, will not grow up too fast.


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