Mini scarves with different yarns

I knitted two scarves.
Design: Yumiko Maeme (前芽由美子)

Book: Shawls, Accesories and Boleros Knit in Natural Yarn (天然素材の糸で編むショール&小もの+ボレロ) 
 for Green: Puppy Armonia green(116) 40g/210m (1 balls) Wool 100%
 for White: QueenPearlLace #20(Yuzawaya) natural color 50g/217m (1 ball) cotton 100% 
For: my mother in law
Needle: Japanese size 7
Completed size: width 21cm, height 150cm
When I tried this pattern 3 years ago, I couldn’t make "double vertical decrease".
This time, I can do it.
Is my knitting technique improved ?
I’m glad.
My mother in law said me she want them.
So, I will happily send them for her.



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