Packaging a Present

My niece’s 7th birthday is coming up soon.
I am asked her Nintendo DS "Doubutsu no Mori" game software.
The software was used by me a few years ago.
So, I also prepared another present, a little trinket box.
I knitted a small pouch to package them with the rest yarns of little girls tunics’s.
(right photo: back style)
Yarn: ROWAN summer tweed
         green(SH527) 25g, yellow(SH538) 1g
Needle: Japanese size 15
I have not used so large size needles.
I thought large size needles are not easy to use.
But, this time I enjoyed making loose fabric with them.
Of course I "knew" that from some books.
I understood that "knowing" is not "feeling".

Girl’s Tunic Another Colour Version

I knitted a tunic for a little girl again.
Design: original
            refered to february lady sweater’s yoke pattern
Yarn: ROWAN summer tweed
         green(SH527) 115g, yellow(SH538) 50g
Gauge: 2cm x 2cm = 3 sts x 3 rows
For: my friend’s daughter
Needle: Japanese size 6
Completed size: chest 35cm, bottom 47cm, height 52cm
The pattern is same as the last girl’s tunic large version.
I added 2 rows to adjust border colors.
In picture, colours look dark.
But, in reality, more vivid, I think.
The yarn is made of 70% silk and 30% cotton, and called "summer tweed".
So, I chose it for summer clothes.
And I enjoyed its silky touch.
But my sister said it may be too thick for summer clothes.
I am verry sorry.
I hope they, my nieces and friend’s daughter, will not grow up too fast.

Mini scarves with different yarns

I knitted two scarves.
Design: Yumiko Maeme (前芽由美子)

Book: Shawls, Accesories and Boleros Knit in Natural Yarn (天然素材の糸で編むショール&小もの+ボレロ) 
 for Green: Puppy Armonia green(116) 40g/210m (1 balls) Wool 100%
 for White: QueenPearlLace #20(Yuzawaya) natural color 50g/217m (1 ball) cotton 100% 
For: my mother in law
Needle: Japanese size 7
Completed size: width 21cm, height 150cm
When I tried this pattern 3 years ago, I couldn’t make "double vertical decrease".
This time, I can do it.
Is my knitting technique improved ?
I’m glad.
My mother in law said me she want them.
So, I will happily send them for her.

Strangling Vine Lace Scarf Completed

I finally blocked my green Strangling Vine Lace Scarf .
Design: Strangling Vine Lace Scarf
Yarn: Puppy Armonia 
      green(116) 160g (4 balls)
For: my mother in law
Needle: Japanese size 6
Completed size: 65cm x 168cm
Though Original design is narrower than mine, my mother in law likes big square scarf.
So, firstly I planed wider one about 90cm x 180cm with 5 balls.
But number of sts casted on is short.
I noticed it,, when I’ve knitted two balls.
It was too late !!
I thought that if I used 5 balls, length were too long for the width.
So, I stopped knitting with 4 balls.
Blocking made this scarf wider.
Completed size and balance of length and width are not bad, I think.
She has hand-made spirit as I have it.
She will let me send her with this scarf.