Cherry Blossoms

Now, cherry blossoms are at their best.
It is the beautiful season in Japan.
Yesterday morning, I went to see cherry blossoms to a famous spot in Tokyo with my husband.
Of course, the blossoms were beautiful.
Many many petals were falling on the surface of a river, and floating down.
But, there were many people and many vehicles, so it was hard to walk slowly and to enjoy blossoms.
And then, in the early evening, we went to see cherry blossoms to a river side nearby our house.
There were no vehicle.
Some people were walking slowly, some were playing with their kids, some were sitting with their drinks.
Evening sunshine lighted blossoms in golden.
Beautiful point is near our house.
Above is another blossoms spot near my parents house. (I went there, today.)
There were few people.
Moving things are window and petals only.


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