Starting Green Scalf

I got wise that ROWAN lurex shimmer dosen’t fit a scarf.
So I got another yarn.
The yarn is Puppy Armonia.
"100% Pure Wool Super fine Merino.
 Processed Itarian wool in Japan" on its label.
My choice color is green.
Though I don’t know this season’s trend color, I wish it is green.
40g/210m a skein.
I started knitting on February 14th.
The pattern is

Strangling Vine Lace Scarf by Nicole Hindes,
which I discovered in Ravelry.
This is a part of the scarf with a skein.
105 sts wide, 30cm high a skein.
I plan to use 6skeins.
Now I use the second one.
It is a long long road.
Far away from the goal…


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