My Second Shalom Cardigan

This year’s first project was Shalom Cardigan.
I copleted another Shalom Cardigan for myself last year.
This one is for my sister.
design: Shalom Cardigan
yarn: ROWAN kid classic (color 844)
needle: Japanese size 10
arrange: followed arrangement in Ravelry to make a short-sleeved version.
My yarn is slimer than for my first Shalom Cardigan.
So, I used size 10 needles (not changed number of sts).
Row 8: total stitches 123
Row 22: total stiches 153
Row 36: total stiches 195
Row 46: divided each 32 sts for front body, each 37 sts for armhole, 57 sts for back body.
           cast on each 10 sts under arms.
Differences between first one and second one are:
1.needle size
2.number of button holes (2 for first one, 4 for second one)
3.front body shape (increased 1 sts every 10 rows at each side)
First one is warm for me.
But I expect more warm, if body parts were wider.
So, I changed front body shape of second one (my sister lives in cool area).
I’ve heared that purple color is in fashion this winter.
And I originally like purple colors.
So I’ve used this color confidentially since last autmn.
By now, purple color is enough for me.
I am looking forward to another color!


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