Autumn Color Tunic Completed

At last I completed my own tunic.
book: 『ヨーロッパの手編み 2008秋冬』(日本ヴォーグ社)
pattern: 秋色カラーのシンプル・ニット モヘアのチュニック(No.8)
yarn: ROWAN felted tweed(SH142) 6.5balls(325g)
needle: Japanese size 8 (5mm)
size: L
From distance pattern B (above pattern) looks like honeycombing.
But it is actually combination of cable stiches.
I very much enjoyed this pattern.
Pattern B (above pattern)

Pattern A (below pattern)
The instruction says starting rows for size M and L are different.
But I started from starting row for size M, though I wanted size L.
So, I knitted instructed rows + 6 rows.  
If for size M, 6 balls may be enough, I think.
I’ve heard that the displayed one in Mitsubaya was made with 6 balls.


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