Autumn Color Tunic Completed

At last I completed my own tunic.
book: 『ヨーロッパの手編み 2008秋冬』(日本ヴォーグ社)
pattern: 秋色カラーのシンプル・ニット モヘアのチュニック(No.8)
yarn: ROWAN felted tweed(SH142) 6.5balls(325g)
needle: Japanese size 8 (5mm)
size: L
From distance pattern B (above pattern) looks like honeycombing.
But it is actually combination of cable stiches.
I very much enjoyed this pattern.
Pattern B (above pattern)

Pattern A (below pattern)
The instruction says starting rows for size M and L are different.
But I started from starting row for size M, though I wanted size L.
So, I knitted instructed rows + 6 rows.  
If for size M, 6 balls may be enough, I think.
I’ve heard that the displayed one in Mitsubaya was made with 6 balls.

Start Autumn Color Tunic

I started to knit my own tunic.
Pattern is "#8Autumn Color Tunic" from "European Handknitting 2008 autumn/winter".
Yarn is ROWAN felted tweed (color SH142).
When I visited a yarn shop Mitsubaya in Aoyama the other day,
a tunic was displayed.
I liked it.
Shop assistant(?) who knitted the tunic told me the tunic’s pattern and yarn.
In original patern, the tunic is made with another yarn.
But, she changed yarn from original to ROWAN’s.
Original yarn is mohair and fancy.
ROWAN’s is more simple, and the tunic is so.
This tunic will be completed this year, I hope.
This photo above is a part of back body part.