Shalom Cardigan Completed

I completed my Shalom Cardigan.
I sewed on two buttons for now.
When I put on, one button shape is better than two button shape.
But two button shape is warmer than one button shape.
Below is back style.
design: Shalom Cardigan
yarn: old yarn (wool and something perhaps)
needle: Japanese size 8
arrange: followed arrangement in Ravelry to make a short-sleeved version.
My yarn is slightly slim.
So, I Casted on 77 stitches to begin collar.
Row 8: total stitches 123
Row 22: total stiches 153
Row 36: total stiches 195
Row 46: divided each 32 sts for front body, each 37 sts for armhole, 57 sts for back body.
           cast on each 10 sts under arms.
This cardigan is light but wam.
I wrote this post wearing this cardigan.


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