Second Cape Completed

I completed second cape.
book: 『動物さんのベビーニット』(主婦の友社)
pattern: マシュマロうさぎのワンピースセット のケープ(No.45)
yarn: old yarn (wool and something perhaps)
hook: Japanese size 8 (5mm), size 6 for edges
size: for 120cm
Arrangements are same as 90cm version.
To make 120cm version, I cast on 210 sts instead of 168 sts.
And lengths are 125% of 90cm versions.
Decreasing rate is not changed.
When placing flat, this cape resembles a cuttlefish.
So I tried to take pictures from defferent angles.

Cape Again

I knitted a cape for my little niece again.
I became careful from previous failure.
This time I obediently followed a pattern size from a pattern book for kids.
And I knitted a cape for littler niece first.
Then I sent it and ask my sister to make her daughter try it on.
My sister said the size was fitted for her, .
What a relief!
book: 『動物さんのベビーニット』(主婦の友社)
pattern: マシュマロうさぎのワンピースセット のケープ(No.45)
yarn: old yarn (wool and something perhaps)
hook: Japanese size 8 (5mm)
size: for 90cm
To make more simple I omitted rabit ears
and knitted moss stitchs variation instead of stock knit with bobble.
I use the buttons instead of pompoms.
This is the side view.
I think it resembles a cuttlefish.
Now I’m knitting other cape for bigger niece.

My First ROWAN

I usually use inexpensive yarn.
My husband gave me ROWAN yarns as my birthday present.
We went ROWAN shop in Ebisu and Mitsubaya in Aoyama.
Shop managers and assistants were all kindly.
ROWAN yarns are beautiful as I’ve expected.
I chose four type of ROWANs.
ROWAN felted tweed
color: SH142
weight: 50g per ball
for: my own tunic
ROWAN kid classic
color: 844
weght: 50g per ball
for: my sister’s cardigan
ROWAN lurex shimmer
color: SH333
weght: 25g per ball
for: mother in law’s shawl
ROWAN summer tweed
color: SH527, SH538
weght: 50g per ball
for: my nieces tunics
I’m looking forward to using them!

Shalom Cardigan Completed

I completed my Shalom Cardigan.
I sewed on two buttons for now.
When I put on, one button shape is better than two button shape.
But two button shape is warmer than one button shape.
Below is back style.
design: Shalom Cardigan
yarn: old yarn (wool and something perhaps)
needle: Japanese size 8
arrange: followed arrangement in Ravelry to make a short-sleeved version.
My yarn is slightly slim.
So, I Casted on 77 stitches to begin collar.
Row 8: total stitches 123
Row 22: total stiches 153
Row 36: total stiches 195
Row 46: divided each 32 sts for front body, each 37 sts for armhole, 57 sts for back body.
           cast on each 10 sts under arms.
This cardigan is light but wam.
I wrote this post wearing this cardigan.

Good bye double-breasted capes

My syster send me pictures took her dauters with my capes.
I was shocked.
The capes were not matched them.
Callors are not too wide.
But, bodies are too nallow.
Originally, the pattern is for adults.
I crochetted 120cm version as 75% of adult version.
Both width and length are 75% of adults.
Adult version must be good.
I’ve forgotten that kids are active, and kids are not small adults.
Oh, and so, there are many pattern books for kids…
I will untangle them and knit other pattern.