Start Shalom Cardigan

In this summer, I dyed old yarn.
It was from my husband’s old sweater and mine.
I used the yarn from husband’s for two ponchos.
The rest of it is little for clothing.
I wanted something with the yarn from my old sweater.
My sweater was a little small for me.
So, the yarn is little for a long-sleeved clothing.
I wondered around Ravelry.
Then I decided to knit a Shalom Cardigan for me.
I planned to follow arrangement in Ravelry to make a short-sleeved version.
So far I have made 3 mistakes.
First, I made the second buttonhole too late, though I planned three buttonholes.
Then, I gave up the third buttonhole.
Second, I knitted only 2 all k rows at the end of the third shoulder pattern.
The third border became thick (I like it).
Third, I knitted k10 at the first row of underarm.
I had to knit p10.
The border pattern lacked at the underarm.
This is my cardigan, so I don’t care those mistakes.

Anyway, writing in English is too difficult!!
I am uncertain wheter I can understand today’s post later.
I used "Firtst xxx, Second xxx, Third xxx" writing for the first time.
I am complacent about it.


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