Cape Progress

When I plan to knit or crochet for my nieces,
I always knit or crochet for bigger niece first,
and then for smaller niece.
So,I had crocheted a cape for bigger niece since last weekend.
Yesterday, It seemed to be completed.
BUT, it was too small for her, I thought.
I checked and checked the cape.
And, it was too small after all.
Last night, I decided to unravel it.
This morning, I unraveled the collar and yoke and edging.
And I replan to change it into smaller cape. 
I prefer crocheting to knitting.
So, when I plan to knit something, I prepare carefully.
Because, unravering or reknitting is a torture.
When I plan to crochet, I tend to start without preparing.
I should check the gage more carefully.


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