Start Shalom Cardigan

In this summer, I dyed old yarn.
It was from my husband’s old sweater and mine.
I used the yarn from husband’s for two ponchos.
The rest of it is little for clothing.
I wanted something with the yarn from my old sweater.
My sweater was a little small for me.
So, the yarn is little for a long-sleeved clothing.
I wondered around Ravelry.
Then I decided to knit a Shalom Cardigan for me.
I planned to follow arrangement in Ravelry to make a short-sleeved version.
So far I have made 3 mistakes.
First, I made the second buttonhole too late, though I planned three buttonholes.
Then, I gave up the third buttonhole.
Second, I knitted only 2 all k rows at the end of the third shoulder pattern.
The third border became thick (I like it).
Third, I knitted k10 at the first row of underarm.
I had to knit p10.
The border pattern lacked at the underarm.
This is my cardigan, so I don’t care those mistakes.

Anyway, writing in English is too difficult!!
I am uncertain wheter I can understand today’s post later.
I used "Firtst xxx, Second xxx, Third xxx" writing for the first time.
I am complacent about it.

Capes completed


Finally, I decided buttons for the capes.
I selected purple plastic buttons.
The color fitted purple was purple.
My nieces live in Hokuriku.
Hokuriku’s winter is colder than Yokoham’s.
Cape’s neck may be too wide.
If so, I will knit easy scarves.
I’m looking forward to their picture from my sister.
I’ll update this blog with the pucture.
book: 『poncho&cape 編んでみよう手編みのポンチョとケープ』
pattern: ダブルのポンチョ(p6)
yarn: old yarn (wool and something perhaps)
hook: Japanese size 8 (5mm)
size: for 90cm (beggining 153 stiches, 4 bottuns)
size: for 120cm (beggininh 197 stiches, 6 bottuns)
The pattern was very easy and enjoyable.
My camera is poor, and so my technique.
I’m sorry that I could not take real color.
The real color looks like a grape flavor chewing gum’s.

Looking for buttons

Last week I visited a button shop for my first time.
They sell only buttons.
I bought buttons for the double-breasted ponchos.
I thought "I got very nice buttons!!".
But, when I came back home, I discovered that the button color was mismatched the ponchos.
Although, I brought the swatch to the shop and checked, why?
I might have been excited…
The buttons themselves are nice, I think.
I will try to knit or crochet something fits them.
And I’m looking for buttons for the ponchos.
Woody? or Marble? What color?
How difficult it is to look for just nice buttons! 
I always have trouble with it, and am poor at it.

Cape Progress

When I plan to knit or crochet for my nieces,
I always knit or crochet for bigger niece first,
and then for smaller niece.
So,I had crocheted a cape for bigger niece since last weekend.
Yesterday, It seemed to be completed.
BUT, it was too small for her, I thought.
I checked and checked the cape.
And, it was too small after all.
Last night, I decided to unravel it.
This morning, I unraveled the collar and yoke and edging.
And I replan to change it into smaller cape. 
I prefer crocheting to knitting.
So, when I plan to knit something, I prepare carefully.
Because, unravering or reknitting is a torture.
When I plan to crochet, I tend to start without preparing.
I should check the gage more carefully.

February Lady sweater

This morning I felt fragrance of orange osmanthus.
(DON’T SAY fragrance of air freshener.)
It’s autmn.
My Feburuary Lady sweater completed.
pattern: February Lady sweater
yarn: PIERROT Cotton Neat(cotton100%) color Navy
needle: Japanese size 8
size: XXS
I knitted same sweater size S for my sister .
It may be too large for her.
I kinitted this smaller size for me.
Mine is better.
Sorry, my sister.


In this summer, I knitted 4 February Lady sweaters.
This pattern is very cute and fitted for my kintting technique.
I want to say thank you to the designer Pamela Wynne san.

Purple balls


I dyed those yarn.
Purple is my favorite color.
This purple is best of various purples.
Last year I dyed another yarn white into green.
At the time, I stired yarn into color water for ten minutes.
(Because, DYLON manual said so.)
Then, the yarn became green, and half felted.
It was hard to knit half felted yarn…
This time I used washing machine as a big washtub.
A washing machine keeps so much water that all yarn can be soaked.
I didn’t stir water just one second.
I am very happy that purple yarn are not felted.
I made yarn balls using legs of the chair.
I want something useful.
But partly, I enjoyed such inconvenience.
For one and more hours, I had been standing and pulling yarn, dreaming next crochet.