Start a project


Finally, I made 3 skeins from those old yarn balls.
I plan to wash and dye them different color.
And I plan to crochet a cape for my niece.
I asked her what color she likes.
She said "the color of grape!" 
So, I prepared DYLON COLD the color is ULTRA VIOLET (A26).
I am looking forward to next shiny day.

Girls Cardigans

I knitted 3 cardigans in this summer.
Girls cardigans
pattern: February Lady sweater
yarn: PIERROT Cotton Neat(cotton100%) color 605, 601
needle: Japanese size 8
size1: for 120cm(7.5-8balls)
size2: for 90cm(3.5balls)
size3: S(12.5-13balls)
To knit size 120cm, I calculated length and breadth to multiply ‘size S’ and 75%.
To knit size 90cm, I calculated length and breadth to multiply ‘size 120cm’ and 75%.
Were these calculations correct?
Is there a correct formula to change adult size into kids size?
If there is such a formula, I want to know.
I asked my sister to send me a picture.
I also asked that in the picture they are standing still and showing their back.
She said "smaller daughter could not be standing still !!"
Indeed smaller niece was captured by her mother and sister.
Her hip is cute.



They are old old yarn.
About twenty years ago, my aunt knitted a white sweater for me.
Same time, I knitted a blue sweater for my boyfriend (he is now my husband).
Last year I checked old clothes of mine and husband’s.
They had become out of date, and slightly dirty.
So I decided to recycle them and to create something new.
I started happily to unraveling them.
But I didn’t know how tough it is.
My energy was burned out after making these balls.
The balls spent spring and summer with me.
And now, it is knitting season again.
In this season, I am going to recycle them!!

Starting a weblog

I always check a group of weblogs about knitting.
In the group, people happily communicate each other.
I am longing it. 
But, I’m so shy that I hesitate to enter an existed group and to talk to strangers.
Especially I didn’t have my own weblog.
OK, first step is starting my weblog.
Using English, I can’t express my thoughts with subtle nuance.
So, I feel myself more positive than usual.
I became positive and then signed up for an invitation at "Ravelry".
(I knew Ravelry, when I checked the group.)
So I have got nervous and excited  in these days.
Let’s start.


My name is paopao.
I will write about my everyday life in this space.
Mainly my hobby knitting.
My another hobbies is "learning English".
So, though a Japanese, I will try to use English.
This is a challenge!!
"To like learning English " is not equal "to be good at English".
Please forgive my poor English.